2022 Calendar


2022 Calendar - available now ...more

Yey, A Wedding


First wedding for quite a while ...more

May 2021 Update


State of Play, May 2021 ...more



I've been doing a re-sort of my print folders ...more

Better now than in the summer


If this had to happen, I guess it's better now than in the summer. ...more

A year into the pandemic


A year into the pandemic. Will we be back to normal soon? ...more

Today was a Printing Day


I spent most of today working on prints. ...more

Walking in The Forest - Bliss


We're so lucky to have this on our doorstep. ...more

Showers March On


More showers have been racing across our skies. ...more

This is more like March


This is more like March! Heavy showers with hail. ...more

Bird Photography


Bird photography isn't my thing but.... ...more

Now selling online with a postal delivery option


I'm now selling prints online with a postal delivery option on most prints.

Paul at View42 Photography ...more

Fordingbridge Festival 2019


Catching up, I've been waylaid. This year's festival was another runaway success for the organisers. Congrats! I hope you enjoyed being there as much as I did. If you weren't there, well there's always next year :-) ...more

If I were a fish


If I were a fish, things might look a bit like this. I took the plunge and bought a 10.5mm DX (Nikon) Fisheye lens on ebay. There's so much to look at when composing the shot you need to spend a few seconds on it before firing the shutter. This is going to be a lot of fun and a valuable addition to the team :-). ...more

Summer Rain - time for a bit of macro.


At least the rain is warmer now and better when it falls in the night and re-hydrates the garden for the morning. ...more

Fordingbridge Festival, 21st July 2018


I'm pleased to be attending this event as an official photographer. I aim to be there for most if not all of the day so please say hello, I'll be the one with the weights around my neck. Hope to see lots of you there! ...more

Book Cover for Losing Jane


View42 Photography is pleased and honoured to have provided the cover for the milestone debut novel Losing Jane by A.K. Biggins. ...more